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OSIRIS tendering specifically for FM

Our wide experience of delivering tendering/procurement processes or in driving tendering processes, is broad (well over 200 projects). We often work hand in hand with in house procurement teams and can adapt everything we do to accommodate the internal governance of any organisation.

As a result of this knowledge we have developed OSIRIS; a toolset that enables us to manage and drive processes quickly yet effectively - especially when dealing with multi service line contract opportunities.

The purpose of any tender is to identify the needs of a client and match them to the ideal supplier to deliver those needs. The process should operate within a governance framework which is endorsed by the client organisation and its internal stakeholders. With these objectives in mind there are two parallel processes that are set in motion, one internal and one external.

Tender & Procurement

The first of these is the internal aspect of the process, which is establishing the client needs and producing documentation which is designed to establish the capability of service suppliers to meet these requirements. Every Request for Information (RFI) and Request for Proposal (RFP) produced by Opale’s OSIRIS system is unique and specifically for one customer and serve the purpose of defining the client’s needs to the prospective supplier marketplace.

The second is the external process; issuing these documents to the market, ascertaining who the potential suppliers might be given the Client’s needs and indeed any other relevant factors such as geography, business sector, size, value and complexity of the scope of services.

Our RFI shapes the offering and will normally be sent to upwards of 20 service providers, it helps suppliers to decide whether the opportunity is suitable for them and, more importantly, it ensures the client can establish whether a supplier has the necessary attributes to meet their needs, both culturally and in a cost effective manner.

The RFI generally produces 4 or 5 potential suppliers who are now ready to receive the RFP which contains all the necessary documentation required to return a compliant proposal.

The core of the document contains the three main pillars of service procurement: Scope, Specification and Service Level. These documents will form the basis of the agreement with the successful supplier. In addition to defining the requirement there are 3 other principle documents namely the Pricing document, the Response document (Questionnaire) and an outline set of contractual terms and conditions.
Opale’s Osiris process both creates and controls all of these documents on behalf of the client, the supplier marketplace is familiar with the style of our documents and do appreciate the transparency of the process.

Under the expert control of one of Opale’s consultants OSIRIS will deliver the results you the client needs.

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