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Mobilisation - Transfer of Responsibility

Mobilisation is all about making sure that everything transfers from one service supplier to another seamlessly. It must not be confused with Transition or Transformation; it is about inheriting an existing delivery model smoothly and with the minimum of disruption in order to provide a springboard for the change to follow. It is often a time of great uncertainty and the lack of understanding of an incoming service supplier will make this a fraught period for any Client FM team.

Many people will be affected by a change of suppliers through TUPE, (Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment)). Whether it is your first outsource from an internal service or a change of supplier, dealing with the people issue successfully is paramount to the future success.

Opale manage the process to ensure the focus is kept where it belongs - on mobilisation. Strong programme management is essential and we are experts at ensuring these changes are properly executed. All too often suppliers race ahead of themselves and are distracted by what they are going to do rather than what they need to do now! We have mobilised over 100 contracts so we know how to make this happen!

Transition and Transformation - Successful Change

Transition and Transformation is a critical change phase for any new contract that is too often forgotten or poorly implemented leading to major failures that could otherwise have been avoided. Opale are experts at the programme management of the change that is often the transition and transformation to a whole new strategic and operational model.

Getting Transition and Transformation right will lay the foundations for an efficient service delivery model that remains stable and produces customer satisfaction. The relationships formed now are likely to remain for the life of the contract so it is imperative that those relationships are solid and amicable!

We have a very deep understanding of the pitfalls that await when embarking on this journey and we will save our clients from the pain of failure.

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