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Facilities Maturity Assessment Programme (F-MAP)

Our F-MAP software has been developed by Opale and Aspire Ltd, a world renowned Programme Management and capability building consultancy.

What is it?

Uniquely F-MAP enables the development of FM maturity to be determined against a Target Operating Model by evaluating the perspectives of Culture, Organisation, Process, Economics, Technology and Information in a language that is easily understood and appreciated by those senior managers which use FM services and users that enjoy them.

What is its value?

The journey of change to reach that optimum Target Operating Model and the value release varies, but has produced significant value and efficiency gains with some organisations reporting gains of 15-35% as they improved in maturity.

How does it work?

Embarking on the journey to achieve the most effective Target Operating Model is of great and tangible value.

5 key levels of maturity

There are 5 key levels of maturity, with progress points within each level, leading to the Target Operating Model which can be applied to the whole or part of an FM organisation and therefore is extremely valuable for both the supply chain and for the client organisations in assessing the FM delivery as a whole, or geographically, or the contracts deployed within that organisation and to benchmark their maturity against others in the FM Industry.

Once the maturity level is determined, a journey of change can be developed which enables the value release as progress up the 5 levels of maturity is achieved.

FMAP ensures that the value release and journey of change is clear, planned with a detailed change programme in place to achieve the journey. FMAP is not conceptual, it is designed to be a practical roadmap of change, based on industry best practice to achieve the optimal maturity and maximise performance to release real and tangible value.

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