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We recognise the need to manage and make decisions based on data is fundamental to the success of all businesses and that the well being of any contract is linked to the ability to measure it’s performance.

We also recognise that the majority of contracts fail because problems are not identified quickly creating an overwhelming momentum of negativity which inevitably leads to a breakdown in the relationship between customer and supplier.

A sophisticated performance management system that can:

– Help sustain the relationship between customer and supplier
– Support and sustain long term contract commitments
– Facilitate gain share, bonus and penalty schemes
– Transform data into tangible information
– Reduce the time and resource spent on data capture
– Enable the status of the system to be viewed and understood quickly
– Enable issues to be identified early before they become unmanageable
– Enable faster response times to emerging issues
– Focus resource on tackling real issues

The Perform Solution:

– Company network and Internet based solutions
– Windows based application to reduce training and implementation costs
– Easy access for managers to view large scale operations from their desktop
– Simple data entry to minimise resource requirements
– Hierarchical reporting structure enabling visibility at strategic, tactical and operational level
– Powerful reporting toolset enabling rapid root cause analysis of problems
– Automatic issuing of instructions to ensure system is up to date
– Automatic escalation process to ensure issues are resolved quickly
– Facility to consolidate both financial and non-financial measures
– Flexible interface enabling integration with existing CAFM systems

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