New FM operating model in financial services

A global financial services brand with a national branch and head office infrastructure, with an annual FM spend of £5 million.



To develop the FM operating model to support business growth and ensure alignment to the corporate drivers. The FM operating model needed to support a consolidation programme following an acquisition and the transformation of the current portfolio, into a newly refurbished corporate location.



The Opale solution was to produce the operating model for the new site, source the supply chain and Implement new site operating procedures and systems. This was achieved through a combination of strategies.

– A Re-engineered operating model

– New production planning supporting communication protocols to improve:
Resource Allocation Efficiency (tuning resources to production runs) / Focused Cleaning / Warranty Management

– Re-positioning of input specifications for the new site operations

– Repositioning of contractors to suit the new operating regime

– Full tendering of services

Opale consultants also advised across diverse areas such as client organisation, standards, contract and performance management through to training and education in FM and the customer experience.

Opale Toolkits were deployed as operating models to measure and benchmark performance.

The toolkits used were:
Benchmark Toolset – for generic costings / FMAP / OSIRIS / Perform