Cash is King











Over the last week, attention has steadily shifted from the medical management of Covid-19 to the economic impact of Covid-19. The message is clear: “Cash is King”.

Cost Suppression (Don’t buy what you can do without) and Cost Mitigation (if it has to be bought, buy it well) are a part of the Opale Stop and Think! suite of tools and thinking designed to help FM colleagues overcome the challenges of Stop (spending) and Recover (to the new business as usual).

“Cash is King” is the context within which we should consider FM services. Cost suppression  deploys a number of activities to avoid expenditure:

  • The compression of the Service Level to the minimum required to function.
  • In-sourcing management and FM activities.
  • Contract re-engineering or termination to support the new service level with new contracting/commercial models.

The Opale Quick Source and specification production processes allow for an input specification approach to control service levels and cost and also form part of the Cost Mitigation process which is a part of the Recover phase.

Stop and Think! has the thinking, techniques, tools and systems to aid you in preparing for and managing the working environment in the interim phase and beyond.