Innovative strategies designed to maximise

efficiencies and reduce costs

Cost-effective, sustainable

and robust FM solutions

Opale fully understands the maturity of the FM marketplace.

Following detailed consideration of your corporate drivers, business requirements and operating dependencies, we develop innovative strategies to fit your objectives, resulting in maximum efficiencies and cost reductions.

Our FM Consulting experience includes strategies for:

• Local or Regional FM Delivery
• Supplier Base Analysis Geographic Footprints
• Supplier Capabilities and Reviews
• Delivery Models – TFM, OFM Models or Bundled

The Opale business is fully built around our clients’ needs and we are therefore completely flexible. We can be engaged for a one-off project through to managing all dimensions of the procurement and tendering process on your behalf. Our work incorporates industry-wide performance management standards, specifications and recommendations.

Cost-effective, sustainable and robust FM solutions

Outsourcing is a complex and strategic decision faced by corporate organisations, especially in a dynamic and increasingly competitive global economy. Opale is accustomed to the requirements of business and has developed appropriate sourcing solutions supported by current market knowledge, risk mitigation strategies and the right deployment of tools and processes.

Outsourcing may be chosen as the preferred means of service delivery for a number of business reasons including:

• Redirect Capital towards activities of greater strategic advantage
• Gain Strategic Advantage
• Maximise Economies of Scale and Reduce Costs
• Redistribute Scarce Resources to Core Competencies
• Deliver Products and Services Faster and/or at Reduced Costs
• Accommodate Volatility in Demand for Resources
• Achieve Efficient High Performance Infrastructure
• Gain Access to Specialised Expertise not be Sustainable Internally

Opale has significant experience in the design, implementation and management of the procurement processes for Facilities Management. Through our expert knowledge of operational delivery, we interrogate the process on your behalf, to identify and minimise risk and create the most cost-effective, sustainable and robust FM solution. We consider all aspects to guarantee the ultimate solution is commercially right for you:

Our experience covers:

Manage the Tender Process: Pre-qualification to RFQ and RFP / Design and Development of Documentation and Processes Engage with Suppliers and Evaluate Submitted Tender Proposals / Supplier Selection / Full governance

Internal client units are increasingly under pressure to demonstrate:

Value for Money / Continued Reduction of Risk / Alignment of FM Services to Corporate Business Needs Strong Performance Management and Control / Flexible Planning and Implementation

As such, there is an increasing need for a capability to provide expert support and advice to the client unit that is not only independent, but also reflects the client’s best interests whilst maximising the engagement with the FM supply industry. In response to this increasing need, Opale has develop the Expert Assured Contract (EAC) product offering that is scalable flexible and cost effective.

The components provided within the EAC offering include:

• Contract Management
• Client and Supplier Alignment
• Supplier Governance and Performance Management
• Expert Advisor Capabilities Deployed as Required
• Innovation
• Tactical Planning and Change Management
• Market Best Practice

Assessment, Review and Benchmarking

Opale’s consulting services are designed to give you assurance that your FM strategy is working the best it could be. Our expert consultants will revisit and analyse contracts to ensure they are still financially stable. Using Opale’s market-leading measurement tools you can compare whether current pricing, contracts and service standards are in line with industry benchmarks and still offer value for money. Projects can be planned or reactive and are fully bespoke depending on your requirements.

We provide expert consulting services in the following areas:

Benchmarking / Compliance / Assurance Reviews / Value for Money / Operational Integrity and Performance

Opale Expertly consults in a varied contractual environments and models:

• Total Facilities Management
• Prime contracting
• Single source
• Integrator Models
• Batched and silo (single service)
• In house

Service Delivery Model Competence

Opale can deliver a full range of competencies and consultancy services across:

• Catering
• Security
• Cleaning
• Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance
• Fabric
• Porterage
• Concierge
• Goods in and Goods out
• Materials handling
• Landscaping/grounds

The design, deployment and configuration of FM systems and applications, mobile phone Apps and data whare housing and the configuration of integrated IT platforms for FM use that cross the supplier /client boundary including:

b. Conference booking
c. Asset Management
d. Financial control systems
e. Hand Held devices and mobile phone applications
f. Data analysis systems

For further information on how Opale can manage your facilities,

call the team on 01252 861600