Post-furlough planning? We can help.

As an independent FM consultancy and part of the Stop and Think think tank, Opale Management Services Ltd (Opale) has developed a number of tools, capabilities and techniques to manage FM in the Covid-19 context. Cost Suppression, Demand and Expectation Control, Cost Mitigation, Controlled Service Resumption and Space Segmentation to name but a few. (Click here for more detail). All of which are focused on enabling clients to take the strain and challenges of Covid-19.
As the Furlough ends, we can no longer put off dealing with organisational issues, redundancies and contract changes. All of which we have to deal with within a world which is becoming more brutal and commercial and an FM operating environment with less financial strength to soften the people impacts of the pandemic. Whether we like it or not, many businesses need FM to cost significantly less today than it did pre-Covid-19 while still retaining the need for a built environment that operates safely and efficiently.
Opale, its people and capabilities are assisting clients through the sometimes painful change
process. From developing a blue print (“what good looks like”) for post Covid-19 to conducting tactical planning to enable the FM team to align to that blue print, we have the tools, systems and techniques to navigate the numerous challenges that will be faced.