Industry leading

FM Toolkits and strategies

Unique FM capabilities,

processes and systems


Over its 27 years Opale has demonstrated Industry Knowledge Leadership with unique FM capabilities and tools, processes and systems

Facilities Maturity &

Assessment Programme

F-MAP is our well respected toolkit, which can define your current FM delivery model in terms of FM maturity, and can be used as a baseline against a Target Operating Model

A New Approach

to Outsourcing

OSIRIS is a turn-key solution powered by rigorous methodology from concept through to service delivery. This unique toolset ensures the right solution at each stage

Performance Management


Perform is a toolset developed to take on the challenge of Performance Management. Perform delivers measurement and reporting information to your business

Opale have developed EAC in response to increasing pressure to demonstrate the performance levels of a wide range of FM services.

ASML is a quick and simple mechanism that can judge benchmark the existing maintenance service against the known industry norm SFG 20.

Opale's Assurance and Risk Management Charter forges the alignment between the client and supply chain to provide a unified FM Service Platform

FM / Workplace
Procedural Set

Segmentation of Space and
Subsequent Categorisation

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