Space Segmentation











Space Segmentation is a part of the Opale Stop and Think! suite of tools and thinking designed to help FM colleagues overcome the challenges of the Stop (spending) and Recover (to the new normal business) phases of our Covid-19 business response;

The “Intermediate” position will be between the point of end of lock down to the point where a vaccine has been produced and is widely deployed and used, at which point business as usual commences. This is expected to be in excess of 12 months and perhaps Q4 2021. During the “Intermediate” stage there will be restrictions that impact how people operate within the built environment, or by home working, cash will be king, and the commercial imperative will be to reduce operational expenditure to the minimum possible. From a Space perspective this will be either to mothball or aggressively dispose of space leveraging home working, and property consolidation.

The lean space process we adopt will take our FM client through the process of identifying the exact demand for space, reducing the footprint to that absolutely necessary for the “Intermediate Phase”.  The output of that process will define the Segments of Space:

Discarded : Space that is no longer required and is not expected to be required post the “intermediate” phase.

Mothballed : Space that is not immediately required in the “intermediate” phase, but is likely to be required in the longer term.

Domestic : A maximised use of home-based working.

Occupied : Space that will be occupied post lock down. Facilitated Occupation enables:

  • Workplace configuration. Adjusting the workplace to support social distancing limitations.
  • Workplace arrangements. Including PPE, People flows, travel, occupation procedures, signage, and behavioural restrictions.
  • People behaviours. Proactively managing behaviours of staff on site in line with the occupation procedures.
  • Compression of FM services and Cost mitigation measures for all occupied space.

Stop and Think! Has the thinking, techniques, tools and systems to aid you in preparing for and managing the working environment in the interim phase and beyond.