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Workplace and Facilities Management has been extraordinarily tested in the last three years; and never has the importance and value workplace and facilities management been so evident to those we serve. Yet those challenges will continue with economic pressures and high user expectations. How “Effective” workplace and Facilities management organisations are has become and will continue to be the most crucial measure by which success is determined.

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If we can improve that “Effectiveness” in FM and workplace by 10% we increase FM responsiveness exponentially, reduce waste significantly and reduce costs by up to 30%


The disparate nature of the Workplace and FM’s (WFM) response to the challenge of Covid, energy challenges and business down turn shows, at least in part, how difficult it has been for WFM functions, or platforms to make the right decisions speedily; and the frequency by which those responses changed, or were reversed clearly demonstrates the cost to every organisation of those decisions.

Wrong decisions taken too late costs money and time and as we now emerge from Covid, the need to make the right decisions, or take the right actions at the right time will be a major advantage for organisations as they navigate through the current turbulent times.

That every organisation served by an WFM function is unique is a lesson that has been learned; and one size does not fit all is a significant realisation for many No two organisations place the same demands on, or have the same expectations of their WFM team; but in common every organisation expects their WFM function to make the Right decisions at the Right time by deploying the Right Capabilities based on the Right Business Intelligence. This is Effectiveness

Focussed at improving Effectiveness, R4 Is a methodology supported by tools, knowledge and, competencies. When drawn upon and styled to suit Workplace and FM teams unique circumstances, R4 enhances business intelligence, capabilities and Workplace and FM team wherewithal, enabling the right to be taken at the right time.

Opale has developed tools, Processes, Systems and Capabilities that enable a simple 3 phased R4 process to be followed that enable any Workplace and FM team to significantly improve their effectiveness:

Through a series of workshop with the FM/workplace teams we help them define what good looks like, the journey to improve their effectiveness and the measures of success that show whether or not that journey has been achieved.
The development of a plan, business case (if required) the governance processes (Project Definition Documentation), which resources are to be deployed and which Opale tools, systems processes and capabilities are to be deployed (if any) to support the plan.
“The Doing” Which may or may not require Opale.

Innovations and Tools Deployed as a part of R4

Innovations tools and systems that underpin the R4 process are:


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