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Opale has a unique, broad and deep insight into the FM market though the Peer to Peer Club and Research and Development Programmes

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For many FM clients, membership of the BIFM or Building futures group has value, but for many, having a vehicle that enables them to interact exclusively with their Peers across companies has a particularly high value. Sharing challenges, compare ideas, discussing specific concerns with those who have the same role in other companies; and accessing researched material without the fear of being sold to in a confidential environment is very desirable.

Our informative White Papers are now available in electronic format and provide an independent insight into a broad array of FM topics and issues including:

The FM industry:
Threat or Opportunity?

“Threat or opportunity” – with all the recent news reports in the FM industry are clients at risk or is this an opportunity?…

Relationship &
Contract Measures in FM

Despite many publications and views to the contrary, Opale concludes that FM is not and will not be a strategic function for any business. It is however, a business enabler and as such we all recognise that FM is valuable to and is significant cost of doing business; as a result of which FM has influence…

Passive & Relationship
Advancement (PRA) – 

Transformation Contracting Models

There are differences between out tasking contracts and outsourcing contracts. Whilst both are viable engagement methods for FM relationships the expectations and outcomes are very different…

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