The Covid-19 oscillation – All change and change again !!











Self-isolation period for those with Covid symptoms extended from 7 to 10 days. Lockdown restrictions tightening in Manchester, Lancashire, and Yorkshire. But at the same time Welsh pubs and restaurants reopening while Scottish schools will be fully open from the 11th of August. Spain and Luxembourg taken off the travel exemption list amid concerns of a “second wave” in Europe while England’s excess death rate is possibly the worst in Europe. The Government encouraging a return to workplaces while Google announce that they do not plan to reoccupy before July 2021 (full year away).  Which direction are we heading in? Is the situation getting better or worse? Are we, or will we be, back at the beginning of the crisis?

With these seemingly ever-changing Covid-19 rules and guidance can be tempting to focus only on the very short term future. The ever-present threat of a second spike, and no vaccine in sight for several months at least mean that, for many, the planning horizon has shrunk to what is immediately in front of us.

The Stop and Think! team have been warning of these likely oscillations in requirements and the need to be prepared for such regressions. But how do we avoid repeating ourselves and wasting our precious resources by cycling through the React and Stop phases again and again?

Our next webinar on Tuesday 4th August at 1030BST will focus on the “Change Management Battle Plan” and how to balance the rapid response needed for these oscillating requirements with the longer term strategic Recover requirements. Both elements must be delivered successfully if a business is to survive these turbulent times.