Occupancy Viability and Occupation Risk Management











An interesting if confusing initial easing of the lock down. Nothing courageous, but a very clear message that the employer’s duty of care to their employees will be tested through the provision of “return to work risk assessments”.

These should be more than Health & Safety; i.e. they are not just about the preparation of the workplace for occupation and the wellbeing of the occupant, but also the viability of such occupation. The latter being the decision as to whether the business functions can be performed effectively in the building, given the impacts of the social distancing rules.

The Stop and Think! team have already created the Occupancy Viability and Occupation Risk Assessment (OVOR) for the Recover stage of the Covid-19 challenge (The Recover stage will follow the React and Stop stages).

The Stop and Think! team are formidably capable and able to help you develop your “route to the new norm”!